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Air Pump Manual air pump used for clearing dust and debris from installation holes.
Metal Detector Metal detector for locating corroded wall ties in masonry.
Resin Gun Resin gun used for installing Wallfast resin.
Support/Install Tools Wall tie SDS power installation tool used for installing Wallfast wall ties.

Metal Detector

Metal Detector

Metal detector for locating corroded wall ties in masonry.

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Metal Detector



Grout gun used for installing Wallfast cementitious grout.
For removing mortar when isolating ties. 4mm Blade x 230mm Long.
Additional resin mixing nozzles.
For extending the length of the mixer nozzle when working across cavities.
Full range of masonry and SDS drill bits.
Triset is a rapid curing 'one shot' two part chemical anchoring cartridge system based on a polyester resin. Applied in one single action to produce a cost effective, tough, chemical resistant fixing.
Cem-spand is a specially formulated High performance injectable cementitious grout for bonding metal to all types of common masonry substrates.
Resin gun used for installing Wallfast resin.
Metal detector for locating corroded wall ties in masonry.
Manual air pump used for clearing dust and debris from installation holes.
Tri-bars are three finned helical stainless steel reinforcement rods, for reinforcing bed-joints to enhance lateral loading resistance in new and existing buildings.
Fast-fix wall tie replacement and masonry repair system can be used to re-tie and repair a wide range of different materials like air-crete blocks, clay bricks and stone.
For tying cavity party walls when improved sound insulation is required and tying all types of masonry cavities requiring class 2 bed-joint ties.
For tying light weight thermal blocks to masonry bed-joints, forming cavities using thin joint block construction systems and tying cavities and abutting walls bed-joints to thermal blocks.
For tying Polar walls to masonry clad bed-joints. Two install methods can be used for before or after concrete cure.
For tying cavities, when rebuilding unstable outer leaves to existing inner leaves, forming cavities by adding outer clad brickwork to existing masonry walls and joining cavity or abutting masonry walls when adding extension to properties.
For tying new timber stud frames to masonry bed joints and forming cavities using timber frame construction systems.
Bow-Fix is a lateral restraint system, which offers a quick and easy method of restraining bowing walls to timber floor chambers.
Cem-Fix masonry stabilising system is a combination of our special Cemspand cementitious grout with controllable expanding agent and our Cem-Fix reinforcement rods brought together to give a fast and cost effective set of masonry repair strategies to re-stabilising multi brick arches, brick tunnels, rubble filled walls and seperated party walls.
The Resi-Fix cavity wall tie replacement system, for when a resin bond is required in both inner and outer leafs of different materials like, air-crete blocks, clay bricks, stone and concrete blocks. This is ideal for small one off jobs of around 30-200 ties.
The versatile Tri-Fix wall tie replacement system can be used to tie together a large range of differing materials like timber, air-crete blocks, clay bricks, stone, concrete blocks and steel beams.
Speed-Fix is a multi purpose headless fixing, that can be installed like a nail and performs like a screw. With no need of any wall plugs. Installing Speed-fix is the quickest way of joining timber carcass or mouldings to all types of masonry. Speed-fix can be hammered straight through timber and Air-Crete blocks or fix timber to harder masonry materials by using a pilot hole. In addition it is a very strong structural timber to timber fixing which will not come apart under spring tension loads. Speed-fix can also be used to tie frames to bed joints. Speed-fix has a small core diameter which allow it to be used in thin timbers without causing splitting while still conforming to CP112 1972, unlike standard wire nails.
Tim-Fix is used for structual fixings for warm roof counter batten systems and vertical tile hanging systems. Tim-Fix have special helical features which protect insulation sarking boards from roof weight compression loads and wind suction tension loads, while its small constant core diameter allows it to be used in thin counter batten timbers while still conforming to CP112 1972, unlike standard wire nails.
Crack Repair is a website from Wallfast specialising in crack repair solutions.